1. LOVE it!!! your blog is great! So I have an question: tomorrow I'm going to Milan, and ofcourse I'm going to shop a lot.
    My question was if you know some great places where I have to go to when I'm there.
    I like the cheaper ' unknown' shops (at least unkown in the Netherlands)
    But I am willing to pay some price for a great item. I hope that you will answer my e-mail.
    THANKS, and I'll be around your blog:)
    L from Fashion-Fitters

  2. Your blog is beautiful – so considered.

    And I really like bodkin – great name, great clothes.

    Hope you're having a summer-of-love x

  3. Thank you so much Beth glad you like it, I'll try to keep it more updated :)))

    Hope you have a great summer too, see you in September :)


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