Refinery29 Offices

Refinery29 is by far my favourite fashion website on the earth; sure I check or Fashionista (or 100 other websites) on a daily basis too, but none of them gives me the joy Refinery29 does. Infact its my dream to be able to work there someday, their work is domestic and international all at the same time – giving you your daily dose of fashion without taking it too seriously. Guys at Design Sponge also must have agreed with me cause they offered a sneak peek of Refinery29 offices which is located at New York Cooper Square and hosting 70 workers.

The site’s co-founder, Philippe von Borries, explained that they worked with designer Chad McPhail to create a space that “balances clean-lined minimal elements with more rustic industrial materials to create a neutral canvas” to be filled with color and pattern. The result is an office space that feels decidedly unoffice-y.

We wanted the reception area to have a warm, inviting feel. The black material on the low wall is a Forbo cork product, and the wall is capped with reclaimed lumber, a construction detail found throughout the office.

It was important to us that we had a room where we could brainstorm freely, and we wanted all the walls to double as whiteboards. You can even write on the glass walls, so sometimes the space has 360-degree scribbles!

We wanted open rows of desks with areas for people to pin up their inspirations.

When we were building this room, we joked with the carpenters that this was where we sent people who needed to calm down and that we needed the walls padded so they wouldn’t hurt themselves. Really we just wanted a quiet room where people could make calls. The walls are covered in egg-crate packing foam.

source: design sponge