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If you are broke and a fashion freak at the same time like me, then you are familiar with the endless search for the cheap & diy. My long lost love for a Dries Van Noten denim shirt with black bodice and a Pamela Love ring has led me to a little brain storming; former was easy considering I just wrapped a black vest around my loyal denim shirt.

Believe it or not but that car is almost as old as me! It was broken for several days and I literally felt deficient.

The harder one, the one that cost me 2 days and 4 finger scratches, was the DIY Pamela Love inspired pyramid lapis ring. It is fairly skewed and weapony sharp but I am proud with the result. Unfortunately I can not give the hints of the DIY because I did it in a fully equipped atelier as a part of my jewelry design course, but I can say that it is actually an easy piece to craft.

Pamela Love Lapis Pyramid Ring – $253.00