Month: July 2012

The Astral Plane

The ones who follow the blog for a long time would know my eternal love for designer jewelry. The ones who also have a good memory would know that Maniamania is my favourite jewelry brand of all time. Yes even more than Dannijo or Anndra Neen. And the ones who know me personally, especially who were with me in Italy would remember that Maniamania was one of the brands I chose to be in my imaginary multibrand luxury shop which I based my thesis on. Latest collection, with Dree Hemingway modelling again (btw I have to say that her uncaring perfection and enchanting aura is perfect for the brand) is a lot less tribal and lot more “finished” than the previous collections. Art Nouveau inspired necklaces and chainmail details are dominating the collection. Crystals still define the style line, the peace sign is a shout out to a more everyday wear. I have to say, previous “The Modern Utopian” collection was my favourite. I am still trying to figure out a DIY for the brass …

Elephants Never Forget

Neither do I. It is unbelievable the things and details I remember. Every thing said and done, every single piece of clothing, where we were, what time it was… It can be a nightmare for the closest people around me, usually me claiming stuff  which they don’t even know if actually happened or not. Its a lot of fun. I have a special thing for elephants; other than the fact that they are super cute & remember everything and are scared of mouse, because of my surname which starts with “fil” – which means elephant in Turkish, I got mocked A LOT in elementary school – it became a part of me. No complaints. Elephant necklace is from TOPSHOP (which I have to admit at first I thought it was a fly with a gas mask – please don’t ask why), crop top from American Apparel and the floral shorts are from ZARA.