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The Streets & The Stairs

Just finding a title to every outfit post is a puzzle itself. How do people do it? I dress up, go out, if there is a victim around me (friend or family, not random people) I ask him/her to take a photo of mine (which is an action I don’t like so much either) and thats it. There isn’t a theme to any of my outfits or photos.

Anyway, I can not tell you how hot it is. Instead you can look at my hair and my languid face and imagine it yourself. I can’t even stand upright. 7 day countdown to an amazing vacation begins today. My sole intention is to, well, not move all day. But I still have some time to stare blankly, living in a city with a humidity rate of %99 that makes my beloved clothes actual parts of my body.

Vest H&M, gray sleeveless top & floral shorts TOPSHOP, shoes & bag ZARA


    • Oh why? They are really comfortable 🙂 actually they are my fancy summer comfort heels 🙂

  1. Oh, by the way, I just added you to my circle on Etsy. I’m “Thought Of It,” just in case you’re curious!

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