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Turban for Beginners

This is a sensitive issue for me, for a lot of us (us being Turkish people). Turban, by the simplest wikipedia definition is a kind of headwear based on a cloth winding. However there is so much more to it when it comes to religious views, especially in a country like mine with endless conflicts. Basically, some religious people believe that women have to wear turbans (not the ones I have dedicated my post to, but the ones that are covering up every single hair on their head and is wrapped under the chin – which basically isn’t a real turban tradition) but liberals like me do not believe that its true, it actually even isn’t in the holy book or something. But because religion is a dogma, this issue is non negotiable. I am all for freedom, I believe everybody should wear whatever they want to wear to wherever they want to wear it. None the less, turban has became a political symbol – one that is either forced to wear or not wear. It’s uncomfortable.

After informing everybody about the situation which I am guessing you were not interested in at all; I can come to my real motive behind creating this post. FASHIONABLE TURBANS! They are the amazing gifts textile sector had given to us. Perfect for bad hair days,  a savior for frizzy haired women at humid places, a marvel when it comes to amping up the entire outfit.

It’s not at all new to the fashion world; there are countless examples of turbans in editorials. Back in the golden age of Hollywood, the turban was a staple in any starlet’s wardrobe: Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor and Coco Chanel were fans.

We can say that the modern turban pioneer is Catherine Baba and with the help of S/S 2011 shows (hi there Karen Walker) & Kate Moss at the MET Gala, they made a definate come back.

From silk to wool, solids to prints, headbands to scarfs – the options are endless. I, personally, prefer wrapping square scarfs instead of getting a fixed turban. Probably to leave a comfort room and fix it whenever I need to. You can also make a twisted turban with a long rectangle scarf. (All the hints you need – you can find on YouTube) Here are the ones I thought were awesome, before the summer ends!

1) Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Lace-Trimmed Floral Eternity Scarf – $32.00

2) TOPSHOP Metallic Bandeau – £7.50

3) Missoni Zigzag crochet-knit headscarf – €114

4) Free People Floral Braided Headdress – $19.95

5) Stella McCartney Printed modal and silk-blend scarf – €275

6) ZARA Snake Print Scarf with Coloured Border – TRY19.95

7) Lanvin Crepe-jersey turban headband – €174

8) Theodora & Callum Madrid Scarf – $108.50

9) Eugenia Kim Wool Turban – £49.50


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