Month: August 2012

Roy Arden’s Collages

Collages by contemporary Canadian artist Roy Arden, who’s artistic practice includes collages, videos, paintings, sculpture and web based projects. His preferred themes are history, modernity and the archive. Arden has created his own immense archive of images, that he has collected from newspapers, magazines and the internet that he continually uses in his different series of works. source: we are selecters

A Tone Down

I still feel weird when I wear same colour head to toe, so as much as I love wearing white – I had to tone this outfit down with my light pink vintage shorts and my – I think I have some sort of bond with it cause I can not use any other purse lately- gray Topshop bag. This was the most “white” I’ve been all summer. Next challenge is monochrome. We’ll see how it goes.

Wake Me Up, Before You Go Go

I was born in the late 80’s which means my memory of 80’s (music and fashion) is only limited with my subconscious. However; 80’s music is my all time favourite, I find that decade the last gasp of breath before the music industry goes ashtray. Though I never thought that I would enjoy 80’s fashion. After all that time I made fun of my mother’s huge belts, aviator sunglasses, shoulder pads and ripped denim. If you are careful enough you will figure out the exact time-line of trends comeback. I am hereby providing evidence for my future children to mock me as they wish. Yes I did. With pleasure. Ripped jeans ASOS, shoes really old Zara, top&bag Topshop