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The Brown Rule

Despite the objections of my father believing that brown could only go with another brown or cream, I wore my beloved brown Zara wooden sandals  under black & white floral and gray. Shocking them even more with its 5 inch heels, I was more than happy to have found the perfect brown shoes. The pants are also from Zara – so thin perfect for summer – tee is American Apparel, necklace Urban Outfitters, ring Topshop, worm cuff Mr.Kate, leather rope bracelet (and the lovely pictures which you won’t be able to see for some time because he is going back to Montreal) are gifts from my boyfriend.


  1. loooove these jeans, so happy i stumbled upon your blog through wordpress. would love for you to check out my new blog! i just started blogging on sunday and would appreciate any feedback i get, thanks!

    the degenerate beauty queen

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