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Having a Denim Affair

Hey folks. Here I am to discuss one of the biggest problems of our century: Is denim on denim cool or tacky? It would have been so much better if I could open the argument with a photo of my dad wearing denim on denim, unfortunately I don’t have access to family photo albums right now, so you just have to imagine it. I know, shame.

The furthest I could go was this, light denim on white denim. Which basically isn’t like denim on denim to me. But I don’t understand; we can wear black on black, white on white, even prints on prints now. What makes this American tent canvas so special yet equally disturbing that its impossible to combine together? Even after its officially declared as a trend, more than half of the population is unsure. I’ve made totally reliable surveys.

I personally like denim on denim IF its weared by the right people, with the right pieces and the right shades. It’s like rocket science. I don’t think I could ever do it, but I have to state that the styles and oufits I like the most are usually the ones that I couldn’t or wouldn’t wear myself – because I don’t think I could pull it off. This is no exception. I mean, how could I possibly look near as cool as Jenna Lyons?

Need you some denim now? Shop some denim below:

1) TOPSHOP Moto Acid Wash Jeans – £38.00

2) Vintage Levi’s Ripped Sleeveless Denim Shirt – £14.00

3) TOPSHOP Sleeveless Denim Jacket – £35.00

4) Buffalo by David Bitton Pure Blue Wash Skinny Jeans “Gisele” – $108.00

5) Motel Octavia Top – £28.00

6) H&M Acid Wash Stretch Jeans – TRY 49.95

7) ZARA Wide Leg Jeans – TRY 99.95

8) ZARA Ripped Baggy Jeans – TRY 99.95

9) IRO Armon Denim Shirt – $217.00

10) Diesel FlairLegg Jeans – €130.00

11) Vintage 90’s Denim Sleeveless Tank Blouse – $34.00

12) Buffalo by David Bitton Flare Jeans “Ferria” – $99.00

13) ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Levi’s Boyfriend Jeans in Dark Stonewash – £50.00


  1. I completely agree! Double denim is great when its done right! I love some of the photos that you’ve posted, those girls do it well!

  2. I love the D on D. I think the trick, like with most fashion, is to just do it and then not think about it too much! Use your own eyes, if you like it, rock it! If you do it with confidence it inspires that same confidence in others. :)

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