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A Tone Down

I still feel weird when I wear same colour head to toe, so as much as I love wearing white – I had to tone this outfit down with my light pink vintage shorts and my – I think I have some sort of bond with it cause I can not use any other purse lately- gray Topshop bag. This was the most “white” I’ve been all summer. Next challenge is monochrome. We’ll see how it goes.


top & bag are from Topshop, pink shorts are vintage (men’s!), white heels are from Zara, rings from H&M and the one on the far right is a gift from my lovely Brazilian accessory designer friend Raissa Prodocimo – who also has her own T-shirt line and an online shop


  1. I love that you kept it so simple with your outfit and played it up with your accessories. Beautiful look!

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