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Favourite Streets of Mine: Milan Vol #1

Having lived there for one year, Milan has a special place in my heart. So much more than any other city, it was my loveliest home. Especially around fashion week, it gets freakishly colorful and so frustrating with insanely beautiful people around. Oh but I loved it so much, every single minute I’ve spent there. Now, it still gives me a heartache when I look at the street style photos of MFW, recognizing every single street, even the holes on the pavement and the crooked graffiti on the walls. However, it is without a doubt the most joyful fashion week of all – and it deserves two whole posts of street style. Here it is, Vol #1 of me paying my respects:

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  1. Amazing collection of ladies and their fashions. TTH looks great (as always) and I love the women in the second picture.

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