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Hand & Feet Flirtin’

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I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Nicolas Ghesquiere for bringing that “5 gold rings for each finger trend” into the spotlight; because to tell the truth – I was never an armparty person. It took me sooooo long to put all those bracelets and bangles and most of the time I left home with only 1-2 pieces, almost freaked out. And to top it all I always needed someone around me to close those freakish clasps. To sum up, I hated it! I actually always cheated and put on my multiple rings instead of any other jewelry.

I’m not going to be modest about it, I love my hands – I think they are really really beautiful, and I want to flaunt them as much as I can. Speaking of which, I kinda fancy my feet too – so I’m thinking about bringing this gold ring frenzy to my toes as well. I know it’s early but I can do some hand & feet flirtin at home to my boyfriend, right? (Click through to see my favorite picks of the season!)

1) Repossi Phalanx Four Rows Ring – $4,140.00

2) TOM BINNS Classic Saturn Ring – $154.00

3) Saint Laurent Antiope polished gold-tone ring – £305.00

4) A Peace Treaty Wadi Ring – $99.00

5) Fresh Trends Thin Double Band 14K Yellow Gold Toe Ring – $99.15

6) Double Band Ring by RRHEA – £120.00

7) ASOS Adjustable Pack of Three Plain Band Rings – $13.56

8) ASOS Pack of Three Double Bar Rings – $13.56

9) Gorjana Teagan Ring – $80.00

10) Mango Twisted Ring – $19.99

11) Forever 21 Etched Cutout Ring – CAD $4.80

12) Pien-Oka Ring Fay Andrada – $96.00

13) Diamond Hammered Ring by MariaFrancescaPepe – £80.00

14) Fresh Trends Triple Band 14K Yellow Gold Toe Ring – $123.46

17arena-moment-custom4_zps52cb1018 Balenciaga_SpringSummer_2013_Rings_Accessories_Jewelry1

image sources: first image is mine, others from, because i’m addicted and pinterest


  1. It is kool and unique. I could rock that for sure both on my hands and toes. Not gold though…too worldly and immodest/flashy. I have always preferred the look of silver. I have worn this toe ring on the same toe for years. I have also only worn only one ring always. Of course since I have gotten engaged this past Christmas day it has been my engagement ring and I will always sport that till the day I die.
    I have to reblog this!
    How have you been, my friend?

  2. I love this look on other people but can never seem to get it together myself – thanks for the inspiration; will give it a try this summer when my hands are glove-free!

  3. Can’t tell you how much I love this post. Multiple stacked rings, especially in gold, are at once both trendy and in a way, timeless.

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