1. Huh. Interesting looks. Those platforms she is sporting in the first few photos are mad crazy! I would just tower over people as I am 6 feet. LOL Alas, those days are gone anyways due to the herniated discs… 🙁
    Maybe you can answer this for me. Using this pictures as a reference and some of what I think of the bizarre outfits that come down the walkways at fashion shows, why do designers put together these bizarre looking outfits? Or is it just me that think that they are bizarre looking? Like here they mix colors that wouldn’t normally go together and they mix prints with other prints. I was always taught not to mix prints together together. And you almost always don’t see those bizarre looking outfits in stores or catalogs. At least the ones I shop at. Or maybe it is just me and my lack of fashion knowledge that think some outfits to be bizarre?? Idk. What do you think? 🙂

    • Well first of all catalogs are made only for sale purposes whereas the catwalk shows and editorials are more creative areas, they don’t exactly aim to sell “at that moment” but they aim to visually please. This editorial in particular is not that bizarre to me – there are a lot of extremely theatrical editorials and outfits though – this is just an amazingly tasteful styling which only a few people in the world can pull off. Fashionvise – forget everything you’ve learned about not mixing prints 🙂 Especially for the past few seaons mixing “unmixable” prints is the biggest trend, and as I said before only a few people can do it masterfully. Unfortunately I am not one of them, but I admire it so much 🙂 And whoa you’re TALL! I am only 5’3″ so I can wear as high as I want, actually I have to wear high heels most of the time and believe me it’s not that good either 🙂

      • Come to think of it, I really don’t own a lot of prints. I think I own a lot more solids. I have a pair of, I think you would call them plaid, skinny jeans. I don’t really care for them. They are a tad too tight but I can pull them off(on a good day hahaha 😉 )
        Oh my. If we stood next to each other, I would tower over you 🙁 I hate being tall. BUT you can pull off those really high heels and years back I would love to kick around in those BUT on the other hand they are not really good for your back. I know that after I hurt my back and on the good days I would have no paid, I would try to wear just even a few inch heel a few hours and I would be dying afterwards and that is when I said, no more, and got rid of them. I would only wear just a few inches. I had a nice black peep toe and I still have a nice pair of black flats that would go with anything. I would say, in conjunction with my comment on your sneaker post, that once of the reasons I haven’t updated my shoe wardrobe is because I feel, though you may beg to differ if you say them, that they pretty much go with everything I have. Two other reasons is money and it is very hard to find decent, inexpensive shoes in my size. You think I’m tall, wait until you hear my shoe size. I take a size 11 wide. But I find that if I am to a designer shoe that I can wear a 10 1/2. It just depends on the brand, just like it is with clothes for me. I just recently bought a suede boot, an over the calf boot(I have the hardest time getting a boot to fit over the calf), and the 11’s were too big in my foot) so I went down to a 10. And they are still a little too big. Even in the calf. They are from the Shoe Department. Go figure. And sometimes, I have to go up to a 12. I have bigfoot feet hahaha. 😀

  2. my got! fell in love with the shoes! as Im Swedish litle lady im perticalary weak for the wodden Heels. Träskor in Swedish! ^^ common old Days in the country side or the 70ties. 🙂
    Thanks for great inspiration!

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