Inspiration Du Jour: Ramya Giangola

Ramya_Giangola-047_1 Ramya_Giangola-016_1 Ramya_Giangola-012_1Ramya Giangola, the street style star and founder of Gogoluxe – at which she works with leading retailers to discover fresh talents and tap emerging markets – is twice as inspirational to me, not just because of her impeccable style and enviable wardrobe but mainly because of her life. She was studying law when she decided not be involved in that world and wanted to work in fashion – afterwards worked on the creative side and studied MBA in Paris and moved on to the more business part of fashion.

I, being a former lawyer and a Fashion Management MA graduate from Milan (and with a scholarship project and thesis which were about emerging designers and fashion buying), am more than impressed and motivated by her story and what she has accomplished so far in her life. Even if I can not get to be such a good business woman, can I still have her shoes please? Pretty please?

Ramya_Giangola-020_1 Ramya_Giangola-019_1 Ramya_Giangola-021_1 Ramya_Giangola-018_1 Ramya_Giangola-014_1 Ramya_Giangola-029_1 Ramya_Giangola-024_1 Ramya_Giangola-027_1 Ramya_Giangola-004_1 Ramya_Giangola-002_1 Ramya_Giangola-003_1 Ramya_Giangola-005_1 Ramya_Giangola-017_1 Ramya_Giangola-022_1 Ramya_Giangola-026_1 Ramya_Giangola-030_1 Ramya_Giangola-034_1 Ramya_Giangola-035_1 Ramya_Giangola-036_1 Ramya_Giangola-040_1 Ramya_Giangola-041_1 Ramya_Giangola-042_1 Ramya_Giangola-043_1 Ramya_Giangola-062_1source: the coveteur


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  2. this woman has some style! i love the jeans and the way the patterns are somehow eclectic yet in sync. it also amazes me how many people studying law are involved in fashion – my friend is studying law yet she is a model. i love the picture of all the jeans, i think i would wear them all. couture fashion is interesting but what you really want is a designer who can create clothes that are stunning from a creative stand point, but also wearable, so they can relate to the public and their target market. lovely blog, love the brightness of it 🙂

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