Disturbingly Colorful World of Alexandra Levasseur

23_the-park-750 23_limbo3-lr750 23_protective-gear-lr750The work of Canadian illustrator Alexandra Levasseur is inspired by her life experiences in Canada, Costa Rica and Spain. Her illustrations are based on her emotional and environmental circumstances of each moment. Her works are like the things you dream about when you have so many things in mind; disturbing, confusing, irregular yet dreamily beautiful and mesmerising. You can catch her work at Galerie Roccia – Montreal starting from June 15th.

23_lacachette-750 23_hot-water-lr2 23_limbo2-750 23_hot-hair-air750 23_camouflage-lr_v2 1_playingwithfire3 23_hunting-season-lr750 23_summergamesiii-lr750 23_summergamesiv-750 23_summer-heat-lr1 23_theweathergirl1-lrsource: alexandra levasseur


  1. These are fabulous. I love the complexity of each one, how I can look at one and see so many different translations of emotions. I fell a connection… I can relate to what I believe the illustrations are meant to convey. Lovely to take the time to really absorb… feel what I am seeing as there is immense depth to each one. Amazing. Kat

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