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Historic Art Meets Fashion: Ernesto Artillo

Ernesto Artillo 265281 265273Madrid-based artist Ernesto Artillo is making collages combining high-end, seriously trendy photography of supermodels and ancient pieces of art (religious iconography and ancient gods) in a terrific dusty fig/Italian sunset palette.  He uses intricate mechanisms – cut out shapes, scissor and paper – to create imaginative figures that transform the pages of fashion and art magazines. “For me, collage means detaching from my tendency of keeping everything in order. I’m constantly trying to become more abstract and less geometric. It allows me to literally cut/break with things – even though they are my own pictures – to create a new order. I suppose collage makes me challenge my own conventions.”

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  1. This is just brilliant. Very interesting work. Will write his name down.
    P.S. With the first photo I seriously thought it supposed to be this way.

  2. Wow the collages look amazing. And I totally agree with “DAISIESINBLOOMBLOG”… I thought exatcly the same!! Greats from the Sunny Milan!!b.

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