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Cortana, A Bridal Heaven

10-TOP-ADELA-FALDA-ANGEL-1-450x670 4-SELENE-11-450x670 17-ROUGE-3-450x670I’m so sorry if I’m boring anyone with my continuous bridal posts; and believe me being overwhelmed as I am – talking more about wedding dresses is the last thing I want to do. However; during my research, I’ve found out about a brand which I would feel really sorry if I hadn’t shared with you. In such a competitive industry and among big guns such as Pronovias or the designers like Elie Saab, Vera Wang etc; it’s so hard to find a genuinely unique, ethereal and elegant designer.

Cortana is the fashion company of Spanish designer Rosa Esteva. Even though they only have 3 shops in Spain and nowhere else (and they do not offer online sale nor have any other retailers) they are so helpful that they offered to send me their sample dresses they have if I were to like one. Unfortunately none of the sample dresses were my “the one”, but the offer alone was heartwarming. Aside from the wonderful customer care; the gowns are beyond words. Her collections are characterised by the exquisite elegance of her designs, the craftsmanship of her finished pieces and the supreme quality of the fabrics she uses.

If there is any color in the world that I prefer for a wedding gown, any lace that I love, or any shape that I can describe as “elegance”; Cortana’s designs have them all. I couldn’t get the dress of my dreams from Cortana, but I’m hoping someone else may find hers.

1_HEBE-3-450x670 2-SARI-2-450x670 3-STAR-2-450x670 4-SELENE-21-450x670 5-ESPERANZA-2-450x670 6-CARACOLA-2-450x670 8-ISIS-Y-TUTU-2-450x670 11-GALA-VELO-OVAL-2-450x670 12-VESTIDO-CRISTAL-2-450x670 13-GIPSY-TOP-SUENO-2-450x670 14-VESTIDO-ABRIGO-3-450x670 15-MAGNOLIA-1-450x670 16-MUSS-3-450x670 17-ROUGE-2-450x670 18-ELIAS-4-450x670 19-CRISTINA-2-450x670 20-TOP-JULIO-Y-TUTU-3-450x670image source: cortana


  1. It’s so refreshing to see new and different designs! Thank you for sharing!
    And wow, that detail they had on sending your their samples! hats off for them!!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! now i know where I might go in a search of a perfect dress if we have our ceremony soon.
    Every sample looks so romantic, classy, elegant and yet unpretentious.

  3. I’ve been looking for the perfect dress for MONTHS. One of these could potentially be it! What is the price range? Thank you for sharing!

  4. Erin says

    These are beautiful! Does anyone know the price range of these dresses?

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