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The BOB!

long bob the fashion medley long bob with bangs the fashion medley ombre long bob the fashion medleyWhen I was a little girl I had this traumatic era where I had really short hair (it was around age 9) so everybody thought I was a boy for a really long time. I got so upset that I vowed to always have long hair and long hair only. From ages 14 to 21 that was actually the case, but since I have curly and frizzy hair it was so hard to maintain the proper care and style. Besides I started to feel that it didn’t suit me that well, however I could never trust the hair dressers (I still can’t). So, on a looong night of studying for the last finals ever of my law education in 2008, I snapped and cut my own hair into a bob. I was so bored of my long hair I didn’t even think about how I would style the shorter bob or if it will fit me. To be honest it was a disaster for a couple of months – and the following 3 years where I waited for my bangs to grow the same lenght (my hair grows incredibly slow) but since then I am so in love with the long bob that even if it’s a few centimeters long on my shoulder I cut them and turn them into a bob again.

(Click through to hear the rest of this engrossing story and to have a peek at the long bob hall of fame.)

Frankly speaking, it was Gwyneth Paltrow and her incomprehensibly beautiful hair that made me jump off the cliff – and before you know it everybody went “bob”. Kate Moss, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Ashley Olsen… Though the most famous long bob of all time for me is Jennifer Aniston whose hair styles during the years are always considered as “era changing”. I am amazed by her pure beauty everytime I watch Friends season 8 where her hair is the perfect long bob. The short hair craze lately on the other hand can be related to Alexa Chung and her impeccably cool and preppy style.

If you ask me, a long bob is the most beautiful hair style a woman can have. It has character, it changes the expression completely and makes you look much more fresh, with a layer cut it will give the perfect volume, it is easy to use and not as risky as a pixie cut. Yes I’m trying to make you chop off your hair this minute and join the cult. Hypnosis below…

abbey lee kershaw long bob the fashion medley alexa chung long bob the fashion medley ali larter long bob the fashion medley Hangover Premiere Los Angeles gwyneth paltrow long bob the fashion medley january jones long bob the fashion medley jennifer aniston long bob the fashion medley jessica alba long bob the fashion medley kate moss long bob the fashion medley olivia wilde long bob the fashion medleyimage sources: pinterest, getty images


  1. My hair’s pretty short right now but I was already planning on growing it out. Seeing these pics you shared has me convinced a long bob would be both the perfect length and style for me!

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    AGREED, one thousand times, agreed with The Fashion Medley, a long bob is the most beautiful hair style a woman can have. Sadly, with my round face this look only makes it rounder and I will generally try anything to stop that from happening..

  3. Because of this blog i started to likemy hair to be cut shorter.. well, im still thinking. 🙂

  4. Hilariously awesome. Trying to convince people to have bob cuts for their hair? Beautiful way of playing with your hair

  5. Love it! Especially Jennifer Aniston & Kate Moss. Awesome post. I think I’ll go for the bob too! 🙂

  6. Love the first photo!! Been thinking about cutting my long unruly hair for a while now and this has definitely got me motivated for the chop! xxx

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