The Gallery Wall Situation

gallery wall9 gallery wall11 gallery wall4Ok, as far as the Pinterest boards know, the gallery wall is the ultimate interior decor you must have before you can call your home a “design candy”. No matter your furniture, plants, thousands of dollars worth bed sheets or carpets – without the gallery wall, your house is worth a hill of beans. But it’s so tricky, how are we supposed to do it right? There are actually several videos, guiding photos of how to do it, but in reality it’s even harder to practice, because the trick isn’t how you place the frames but the size, shape, material of those frames as well as WHAT you have in those frames and what you team them up with.

IMO, a good gallery wall has to consist of different frames (white, black, wooden, modern, antic..) and you SHOULDN’T try to create a perfect symmetry. It should be easy on the eyes but a little disorder is a must. Another important thing is you should create a harmony of contemporary photography, abstract (or any kind of art you like) art, some drawings or illustrations, your own artistic photographs and something with letters or words. To me, the much contrast it creates, the better it is. If there is a b&w photography, there also has to be a colorful, cluttered piece of art. Also, I personally prefer hanging mirrors or antlers, huge letters or anything you can hang on the wall, in between frames. Though I must add that I didn’t study art or work in any such field so these are just my humble opinions on what I like and try to do with my own house, with my own taste.

gallery wall12 gallery wall16 gallery wall3 gallery wall5 gallery wall15 gallery wall10 gallery wall13 gallery wall7 gallery wall2 gallery wall6 gallery wall gallery wall8image sources: pinterest, domaine home