Pastel Hair, Don’t Care

kate moss with pink hairParis Fashionweek ss2014 day 6, outside Chanel blue grey hair

As a person who’s never bleached her hair (there was an era in my life – that I very much like to forget – where I had ginger hair but even then I didn’t use bleach) so it seems like this pastel (grey and pink, to be more accurate) hair thing is out of the picture for me. And judging by my experience with wigs I really look like a cartoon, or washed out to say the least, with fair hair. Though I really fancy the pastel hair, and dream about having one since I first saw Kate Moss with pink hair (and that corresponds to elementary school for me). I don’t know if I’ll ever have the guts to try it but all these ladies sure ain’t making it easy to resist…

blue hairombre grey hair 2 Long grey hairgrey hair perfection grey hair lindsay grey hair natasha poly pink hair long purple hair ombre grey white hair ombre grey hair pink blonde hair pink hair pink white hairimage sources: pinterest, a love is blind


  1. Gabriela says

    Even if I’m in love with it, it wouldn’t be a choice for me either, otherwise I’d look like Nicki Minaj #fail

  2. I’ve wanted pink hair for a while, but all of my hair is completely new growth so I wouldn’t dare ruin it.

  3. Unfortunately I’m so pale that I would look awful with this type of hair, but I’m the same, I wish I could do it! I think its a great way to do colored hair without looking like lady gaga

  4. As far as the gray hair goes…with time (about 30 more years) you too could have hair that color. But where the pink and purple hair comes in, that just makes me think of cotton candy! Loved the post though! The models remind me of avatars who’ve come to life.

  5. I love pastel hair! I bleached my hair and dyed it lilac a few months ago, never regretted it. Yes it did damage my hair, but with a lot of care it will start to look better again! Also, pastel colors fade really fast so if you dislike it than it’s not something that will “stay” with you forever haha.

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