Lucy Macleod Illustrations

cat-n-hat shady-lady spexAs we (Turkish people) are having one of the busiest agendas ever (the biggest corruption scandal since the foundation of our republic and in return, instead of resigning, our government is interfering with the legal system and disqualifying all the prosecutors who have been carrying out the investigations… you can read about it here) I figured the blog may need something cheerful and creative to light up (at least my) mood.

Lucy Macleod is a a Scottish illustrator whose work have been featured in publications like The Times, Nylon Magazine, Marie Claire, The Independent and her customers include Warner Brothers, La Perla and Levi Strauss. It wasn’t always so easy for her though,  she got rejected from everywhere she first submitted her work and got ripped off in her first work with -in her words- “The Shmindependent” (read more here). She studied painting and then found relief in illustration by chance. Her weapon of choice is charcoal when she is drawing from life with precision and ease, then she adds color or collage to jazz it up.

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