A Montreal Year

ali inay photography ali inay photography21 ali inay photography23It’s been one year since I’ve moved to Montreal. Last year, after NYE, I packed (almost) (ok not nearly almost) everything I had and moved in with my then boyfriend to start a new life. Without a job, without any French and without any conscious about how cold a winter can be. Now, a year later, I’m married, enjoying the unbelievable cold because I love my life and I love Montreal more than any city I’ve ever lived in or ever visited. It’s brought me so much joy and happiness as well as wonderful new friends, gave me new points of view about life, career and people. So, I would like to dedicate this end of year post to my year in Montreal with the photos of my friend Ali İnay who basically rocks urban photography. I wasn’t with him when he took all of these photos (above 3 is us, obviously) but each one is a stamp to the amazing architecture and carefree life in MTL. I really hope all of you can get to enjoy it some day.

ali inay photography41 ali inay photography8 ali inay photography13ali inay photography3 ali inay photography10 ali inay photography17 ali inay photography19 ali inay photography12 ali inay photography7 ali inay photography6 ali inay photography2 ali inay photography5ali inay photography43 ali inay photography39ali inay photography38 ali inay photography40 ali inay photography26 ali inay photography18 ali inay photography11 ali inay photography14 ali inay photography20 ali inay photography29 ali inay photography30 ali inay photography31 ali inay photography27 ali inay photography24 ali inay photography32 ali inay photography28 ali inay photography33 ali inay photography37ali inay photography42courtesy of ali inay


  1. Montreal’s been on my must visit list for two years now and this makes it clear I must put it to the top! Happy new year!

  2. Jennifer McGahan says

    Very beautiful photos. I imagine you don’t regret one moment of starting your new life in Montreal.

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