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Party Like It’s 54

studio541DVF Studio 54bianda mick Studio 54For years I thought that NYE is supposed to be a day that we should have THE MOST fun. What we are going to do on that night was the cause of big fights among our friends so after a while it became meaningless. Now all it just is an excuse to get together with all my friends who just want to get together. And I don’t care if we are having the most fun at the best party with the most amazing Instagram photos because I refuse to get sucked into this pressure and FOMO. Guys, we already missed Studio 54 days, there isn’t anything in this world that would make me want to be there instead of our small local bar with my friends. The spirit is always up for grabs though; so I wish you a genuinely fun NYE and an even more wonderful 2014 where you always party like it’s 54.

Studio 54 Mick Jagger Studio 54 bianca 3 Studio 54 lisa elizabeth Studio 54 john olivia kiss Studio 54 grace jones Studio 54 diana ross Studio 54 cher4 Studio 54 Cher 3 Studio 54 Bianca Jagger Studio 54 bianca dress Studio 54Lauren Hutton_ Studio 54 Bill Murphy Studio 54 brooke shields Studio 54Farah Studio 54 Cher Studio 54 Studio 542 Studio 54 2 mick Studio 54 Studio 544 Studio 545 studio5432 grace Studio 54 Farah Fawcett Studio 54 bianca Studio 54 Cher2 Studio 54 anjelica-huston-and-studio-54-gallery bianca jagger 3 Studio 54 bianca 4 Studio 54 Angelica Houston Studio 54 bianca dance Studio 54 Studio 543image sources: pinterest, sstudio54


  1. This is great. Love all the pictures and I love the sentiment. Happy and Fun NYE and look forward to more from you in 2014. Enjoy.

  2. Bianca Jagger just exudes style! Oh to be in the days of Studio 54 (without the drug and alcohol abuse) 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful New Years! Great blog

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