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Pre-Fall 2014, The Final Batch

Is it over yet? Cause I’m not going to do another post if any other brand releases their pre-fall 2014 collection photos. Oh who am I kidding, they are all so good I can keep on writing about them all year long. I’ve already started to update my wardrobe and I’m getting serious styling inspiration from pre-fall collections – which I realised is my favourite season as well. Not pre-fall but pre-winter. In terms of trends to watch: below the knee, wide leg anything (check x3), pointed toe oxfords – preferably with a metal detail (check), furry shoes (planning a DIY), feathered hems (this is huge lately, also working on a DIY), front slit structured skirts (bought the best possible Cheap Monday skirt ever), fur stoles worn as a straitjacket / arm locker if you may (have the stole, will think about the arm thing), short hem trousers (not sure how they would look on me, especially non skinny ones) and over the knee – wide calf flat boots as witnessed mostly in the first part of pre-fall collections. I’m now ready for FW 2014.









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