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Maison Martin Margiela Pre-Fall 2014


maison-martin-margiela-pre-fall-2014-10Two inspirational quotes to start the post. 1) Never say never. (I vowed just two days ago not to make any more posts about pre-fall collections) 2) It ain’t over until MMM says it’s over. Yes I know even couture shows are about to end and we are all bored with pre-fall stuff but this is too good to not share. Besides, I would wait any kind of wearable Margiela with arms wide open and even though I get some serious Victor & Rolf and Watanabe (maybe even 90’s Gaultier) vibe (let’s not kid ourselves, it was never the same after mysterious Mr Margiela left but still I see it as a design shrine) I still want to embrace every single look. Anyone looking for gift ideas – my birthday is in, like, 4 months so you have to schedule beforehand – anything from this collection would do. Anything.

But I prefer the sweaters. And the boots. Maybe the dresses too. Oh no I want the pants.



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  1. Those boots are calling my name! Amazing shape and color.

    “1940’s Fashion Influence” Blog post on:

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