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Dads Are The Original Hipsters

john lennon yoko ono with seanSorry guys, Brad is right. Your dads were, and still are the original hipsters. They do things before and after they are cool, which makes them the most admirable, self-confident, sought after person in your life. They are your rock, and in some cases, your super cool rock.

Ok so I didn’t feature any of the original hipster dads in this post, only the super stylish and hot ones that are around right now – but it counts. I mean look at Lila Grace with her dad(s) Jefferson Hack and Jamie Hince. It’s good enough to have one style icon dad but now she has two (not to mention Kate Moss being her mom)?! Or imagine how lucky Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s children are!

David Beckham’s daughter always looks the happiest whenever she’s in her daddy’s arms. Coincidence? I think not. And it’s not the biggest mystery in the world to figure out where Zoe Kravitz gets her charm. Hipster, preppy, rockstar or normcore – every dad is a super dad. Which in that case makes mine a mega dad, considering from whom I got my shopaholic tendences aside from my handiness, any photographic skill I may have, my love of sports and most of all my humourous personality.

Even though I made a mistake and congratulated his father’s day last week and he didn’t mind because he had no idea when father’s day is – I love you daddy, happy father’s day again! Today is the father’s day by the way, I’m sure this time.

jefferson hack jamie hince with lila grace Henrik Vibskov at Henrik Vibskov Boutique

david beckham with daughter hipster family

neil patrick harris david burtka with kids stylish dad

kurt cobain francis beanimage sources: babble.com, GQ, an unknown quantity, just jared, pinterest