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The New Knot

zara fw2014The new knot can be described as a new technique of tying two ends of any shirt, sweater, coat, cardigan, dress, scarf etc in any other way than the traditional hip tie or over both shoulders tie. My favorites? One over the shoulder one under the armpit knot and the shirt turned into a bustier knot.

To achieve the look you can either get a dress like this for the Céline effect OR don’t be such a lazy ass and find anything that has sleeves or ends and use your imagination.

Lauren ManoogianChristophe-Lemaire-FW2014-14

ashley olsenlellavictoria

sasha pivovarova maison rabih kayrouz taylor tomasi hill for zaraimage sources: zara,, jessicacomingore,, the cut, lella victoria, columbine smille, pinterest, tumblr


  1. Love it! How ingenious! It definitely turns something drab and boring into something fashionable, trendy, and mysterious too at the same time. Awesome post!

    • eliffilyos says

      of course like everything else, it comes and goes and always there is a unique individual out there that was “cool” before it was “cool” 🙂 it’s just a fashionable idea right now

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