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inkedYou know what they say about tattoos: once you pop, you can’t stop. I got my first (and only, for now) tattoo 4 years ago, a small paper plane on my left inner arm and hadn’t thought about getting another one since then. It was simply because that was my dream tattoo and after that I didn’t want to get another one just for the sake for inking my body. But almost exactly 4 years later, my mind is flowing with ideas and I can’t think of anything else. I don’t think I, being a 5’3″ girl, am a big enough canvas for so many gorgeous tattoos. Nor have I that big of a bank account.

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I have never liked too distinct tattoos like animals or names or tiny little figures. The reason I chose the paper plane is simply because it was geometric but meaningful enough. Before I swore that I would only ever get teeny tiny tattoos that wouldn’t bother me even in the future but lately I’m very much drawn to the idea of tattoo as an artwork.

I mean why should I deprive myself from a lifelong joy of being a unique paint job when there are artists out there like Alice Carrier who is the master of flowers or Chaim Machlev who is simply a god that draws lines on bodies like I can’t even draw on paper or Kamil Czapiga who is unbelievably talented in dimensions and detail? I also have another name but I’m keeping it a secret until I get mine.

beautiful under breast tattoo black white flower tattoo SONY DSC Kamil Czapiga graphic tattoo flower tattoo on arm cross stitch tattoo Chaim Machlev alice carrier Chaim Machlev tattoo gorgeous geometricak tattoo alice carrier rose tattoo on thighs alice carrier colored rose tattoo beautiful tattoo lotus flower tatoo line tattoo SONY DSC katakankabin back tattoo shoulder peony tattoo watercolor tattoo dot shoulder tattoo abstract artwork tattoo abstract tattoo on arm back tattoo circle tattoo dual color tattoo graphic dual color tattoo dual color rose tattoo geometrical skull tattoo Kamil Czapiga line tattoo on arm inked girl landscape mountain tattoo

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    • eliffilyos says

      yeah i’m seriously considering one but i’m worried about what may happen to it when/if I get pregnant :/

  1. I too got a small tattoo about 4 years ago and swore it was going to be my one and only. But now after seeing your pics you got me thinking about more ink!!

  2. I love this post, I have been drawing and dreaming about what to get as my very first tattoo. I am thinking of a bird silhouette on my foot but I just need the courage to get it done!! Wish me luck lol

    • eliffilyos says

      good luck! the foot is a really really tricky place for a tattoo

  3. I got my first and only tattoo 24 years ago, a thornless rose on my shoulder. I don’t regret it but unlike the tattoos above it doesn’t look pretty anymore. It’s a lifetime commitment that doesn’t get better with age.

    • eliffilyos says

      But in my opinion you should think of them as scars or wrinkles, they grow with you and always remind you of something that you had before: a moment, a trip, a person or something. I’m more worried about the disformation of my body rather than the tattoo itself

  4. OMG. I totally have an itch more ink lol I have one on my rib and 2 on my stomach. I am in love with the tat on the thigh and the one under the breasts!

    • eliffilyos says

      two tattoo placements I like but feel will be really tricky over the years!

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