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Your Mom Knows Better

mom jeans2If your mom is doing something, or has ever done something, it’s for a reason. They know everything. The wisdom that comes hand in hand with giving birth and being responsible of another human being is incomparable to anything else. Case in point: those high waisted sturdy and thick jeans (aka the mom jeans) that you LYAOed over were actually the most comfortable, adaptable pieces of clothing that were ever produced and not only they conceal all your flaws around the ass area but they are in fact, finally, stylish again.

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image sources: a love is blind, the man repeller, afterDRK, international street style, lady moriarty, either or, all the pretty birds, pinterest


  1. Jeni says

    Whooohoooooo at last my eighties jeans come back into their own!!!

  2. Those are the jeans that my Mom used to dress me in when I was going to school in the 90s. Oh how I LOATHED those jeans. I was soooo happy when flares came(back) in style. But they really didn’t come in vogue until after I graduated in 2001. I think my Mom dressed me in eighties jeans because she had told me once that she hated flares and bell bottom jeans. Vicious cycle, Mom’s taste vs. daughter’s taste. My mom still wears straight legs lolz. If she could get her hands on a pair of authentic eighties jeans I am sure she would wear them lolz hahaha
    I think fades rotate and come back into style after certain periods of time. In my 31 years, I have seen patterns emerging with styles. It is actually kind of interesting if you pay attention and watch.

  3. I don’t think my mom ever actually owned mom jeans…she was always the hip young one in vintage dresses….ergo my mom and I will both end up embracing these jeans coming into their own for the first time.

    • I try to get my Mom interested in fashionable things. But she marches to the beat of own drum. Not that I am anywhere near fashionable myself as I march to the beat of my own drum as well…so maybe we do have this in common…in a weird, twisted way of sorts lol 🙂

      • eliffilyos says

        but that’s why moms are moms, they are never interested in what’s trendy! 🙂

    • eliffilyos says

      😀 of course not every mom was a suburban mom! but you both shold try it, soooo comfortable!

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