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Hat Lady

The Fashion Medley | Hat LadyIvory draped top H&M (similar here) // mom jeans Zara (similar here & here) // silver sandals J.Crew (similar here & here) // straw hat H&M (similar here)

I know you’ll feel me when I tell this: I bought this hat from H&M god knows how long ago and again god knows why, because I never ever wear hats. Ever. I must have gotten carried away with the stupid pinterest ‘perfect summer’ photos. So I thought I should wear it at least once and become the hat lady du jour. You have no idea how weird it felt the rest of the day.


The Fashion Medley | Hat Lady The Fashion Medley | Hat Lady The Fashion Medley | Hat Lady The Fashion Medley | Hat Lady


  1. I love your outfits. The scarf around the brim pulls you all together. One nice middle finger ring, even something ordinary, or a chunky bangle, would have been nice. I’m a jewelry designer, and I believe in throwing in something with a price tag and punch. I see nothing wrong with H & M though. I guess I just mean hi-lo….

    • eliffilyos says

      Actually I am a total jewelry junkie but when it’s really hot I can not bare anything on my skin, not even a watch or my wedding ring sometimes.

  2. I never wore hats in my younger day either because I didn’t want hat hair. But now in my 50’s, if I were going to be out in the sun I would. Still, I imagine that when removing the hat from one’s head it would be a lot like removing the sunglasses from your head. They sort of feel like they’re still there.

    • eliffilyos says

      I know it’s like wearing a watch; first couple of days you feel the presence of something there and after while you don’t even feel it anymore and can’t live without it. However I don’t like the way I look wearing hats either :/

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