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In Too Deep

burberry ss2015 Deep red lipsIt’s almost impossible to describe this particular and exquisite shade of red. It’s not burgundy, definitely not maroon. Not apple red, pretty sure not vermillion either. Closest I can come is Venetian red, or to put it more simply, a deep red. Perfect for fall make up (and spring 2015 make up, thinks Christopher Bailey for Burberry), this shade would look good on every skin tone and for every occasion. How do  I know? MAC Ruby Woo – which I can crown as the king of all lipsticks in the world – is the only shade of lipstick I’ve ever worn, will ever wear with confidence day & night. Hint: choose a matte lipstick in a rich hue for a more refined and striking look & always use a lipliner.

Deep red lips beauty

Deep red lips 5 Deep red lips runway

Deep red lips and freckles Deep red lips 4sources: harper’s bazaar,, refinery29,, pinterest

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