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Dress The Bump and Beyond

hippie mothersI don’t know about you but lately everyone I know is either pregnant, trying to get pregnant, planning on getting pregnant, or already had their baby and trying to figure out what to do with their maternity clothing. Living in a country with ridiculously humane maternity (and paternity) leave conditions is also another reason why I encounter young parents everyday and it’s making me think about (no, not having kids yet, but) how I would dress up as a pregnant woman without wasting tons of money on stuff I wouldn’t ever wear again.

After the most “bumpy” fashion week of all time & Blake Lively announcing her pregnancy in the cutest dress I’ve ever seen (was I the only one who focused on THAT dress?) I thought it’s time to make a post about maternity style & beyond. Here are some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve found that would work during pregnancy and afterwards.

First of all I’d like to start with my style heroes of maternity style: Samantha from Could I Have That, Maria Duenas, Hedvig Opshaug from Northern Light and Miroslava Duma. What all these ladies have in common is the ability to get the most of their wardrobe with small adjustments like knit & jersey dresses and making that transition all the while staying true to their style codes.

maria duenas jacobs miroslava duma chanel ss 2015 maternity style

fashionable maternity style Eva Chen maternity style

could i have that maternity chic maternity style

Hedvig Pregnancy style 2

Of course body con dresses are not the only dress options you have as a pregnant woman for 3 reasons: 1) not everybody is skinny enough to handle a body con (excuse me but if I can’t wear it now, how am I supposed to look good in that while carrying another human being around my ass?) 2) it may be boring for some people, especially at such a cheerful time of their lives and 3) not everybody is pregnant during winter. I can’t imagine how sweltering it would be to wrap yourself like that mid summer.

Look at Eva Chen, Yasmin Sewell, Miroslava Duma pre street-style stardom and hipster LA mothers around the world for inspiration.

yasmin sewell maternity style miroslava duma maternity style dress

gorgeous maternity styleEva Chen Pregnancy style Blake Lively Pregnancy Could I have that maternity styleEva Chen maternity

Another key item you should take into consideration are coats. Not only because you need ’em 2/3 of the year and it’s inevitable to refrain from wearing one but also they are an essential part of the “omg I had no idea you were pregnant until I saw you from the side” compliment. Take Natasha Goldenberg or Dasha Zhukova‘s belted gems and never underestime the value of a trench coat or cape. Maternity & beyond, people.

NYFW Natasha Goldenberg pregnant style Miroslava Duma NYFW Pregnancy style dasha zhukova pregnant style Natasha Goldenberg pregnant style3 New-York-str-RS15-6075miroslava-duma.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

There’s never been a better time to be pregnant since you have the license to shop all the oversized sweaters out there. ACNE, Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant and so on, all the brands are at your service this fall.

Tight knits with stretch and preferably side slits, oversized sweaters, draped shirts and wrapped pullovers are perfect for a comfortable pregnancy (this piece of information is actually confirmed by a close pregnant friend who basically lived in wrap sweaters) and will always give you street style cred without making you look like a sloppy tent.

Could I have that Pregnancy style Blame it on Fashion Pregnancy style

best of maternity style 2 Eva Chen PFW Pregnancy style

Something I never thought as an appropriate maternity wear are pencil skirts and tight minis, but these amazing ladies are making me think otherwise. I’m still not sure how good they would be for daily wear, but they sure look great for a business meeting or a chic date.

Natasha Goldenberg pregnant style2 Natasha Goldenberg pregnant style nyfw maternity style Miroslava Duma

As someone who basically lives in pants (seriously, I wear trousers 360 days of the year) pregnancy horrifies me. Not being able to wear skinny jeans or tapered pants is not something I can handle. Luckily, harem & track pants are considered appropriate street wear now and brands like Citizens of Humanity and Paige Denim have amazing maternity jeans. Sure, unlike everything else on this post, they are not wearable apres-pregnancy but even then, they’re great for shoplifting melons (please leave a comment if you get this joke and don’t think I’m a felon).

super stylish pregnancy boho maternity style

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  1. Lots of great looks here! I’m becoming a huge fan of the knitted dresses especially for pregnancy in winter – they can be smartened up for work and dressed down for a more casual look. I team mine with knee high boots and layer up with a scarf! I’ll definitely be taking inspiration from these looks for my pregnancy wardrobe! Thank you.

    • eliffilyos says

      You’re welcome! I also think that knitted dresses are the best option especially because since it’s a time you already feel bloated, it’s nice to embrace your figure and enjoy the shape of your new body instead of looking like a huge tent, trying to hide something!

  2. I’m one of those rare oddballs who really enjoyed maternity dressing! The biggest challenge was the last month or two when you get bored of your existing wardrobe but don’t want to invest in anything new when your body is going to shortly change.

    You’ve provided so much inspiration here for the expecting mom, it will help inspire women to repurpose some of their existing apparel into new looks.

  3. Found this so inspiring, I had to link to it from one of my old posts When Maternity Dressing Starts Getting Depressing These images are so stunning; pregnant women everywhere need to see them and start owning the beauty of their bumps!

    • eliffilyos says

      I think so too! People think pregnancy as an obstacle when it comes to dressing up, and I’m sure in many ways it is but why accept defeat and hate the way you look in the mirror for 9 months where you can have so much fun with it!
      But I agree about the last part, one of my closest friends said the same thing actually, maybe just wear huge dresses at that point 🙂

  4. Thanks for this post! You’ve tracked down some great images and outfits. When I was pregnant and just whinged and whined about how much I hated not being able to wear the clothes I wanted to – and hating having to buy horrid clothes I wouldn’t wear again. Next time around (yes…going back for number two…some day) I’ll make more of an effort to put ‘outfits’ together, rather than just live in the same stretchy cotton maxi and converses…although they were super comfy!!

    Another great post. xx

    • eliffilyos says

      I can’t blame you, I’m not pregnant and I live in my converses despite the 1087476 pairs of shoes in my closet!

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