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The Fashion Medley for Smart SetThis is the first month of Canadian style destination Smart Set’s 1 piece 10 styles project and I’m a happy ambassador of the brand! The concept is basically 10 different bloggers creating a whole and unique Smart Set look all including the item of the month; in this case this versatile long cardigan that can be worn as a kimono, a jacket or even a sweater, letting you layer up and down.

. B&W long cardigan Smart Set
. Grey sweater dress Smart Set
. Black fringe cardigan Smart Set
. Black fedora Smart Set
. Boots Zara

There actually were a lot to choose among but I decided to go for a bare leg look with boots, making the most of what little fall left before the Montreal winter falls down on us like an incubus. I had decided on the black jersey fringe hem cardigan (which I’ve worn underneath the sweater dress for this look) before even going to the store since fringe (a fringe hem, to be more accurate) is one of the must execute trends of the season. At first I was going to wear it over the dress as a second cardigan layer but on second thought I figured it’d look better underneath, lengthening the dress and jazzing it up.

Chosing a sweater dress was the hard decision. I was torn between this beauty and another darker grey one with an asymmetrical neck and zip detail but at the end, I liked the contrast of this one more. Though I must admit that I’m seriously considering the other one for future projects (god help me).

Finally all left was to get a piece of accessory to complete the street-chic, cosy and comfortable look and of course I opted for my recently blooming obsession and new wardrobe favorite; the fedora. I don’t know why I wasn’t wearing fedoras before so if you’ll excuse me I’m going to make up for all the years I haven’t worn one with overdosing hat usage for a while.

Check out the amazing looks of other 9 bloggers (plus one guest blogger every month) and see you next month with a new challenge!

The Fashion Medley for Smart Set The Fashion Medley for Smart Set The Fashion Medley for Smart Set The Fashion Medley for Smart Set

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