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My favorite sweater of the season is without a doubt the low shoulder, long sleeved tight sweater dress from ACNE which is impossible to find anywhere – even if I were to stop myself from buying everything I love and save some money. So I did what I always do, bought the next best thing for the fraction of a price. I’ve already worn out this H&M sweater wearing it with flares & skinnies, up & down, all day & everyday. I love it so much that I bared the cold taking of my coat for a better shot. Felt like a snow princess.

. White long sweater H&M (similar here & here)
. Dark grey trench coat with quilted lining and faux fur collar Ennji Milano (similar here & here)
. Dark blue flared jeans ASOS (similar here & here)

The Fashion MedleyThe Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley

The Fashion Medley


  1. Loving the jumper – is the material good? Sometimes I find that H&M does not have quality materials. Oh, how I envy the snow at your place, real winter feel – all we have here, in London, is rain and ridiculous wind at the moment.
    Anami, xx

    • eliffilyos says

      the material is really good but with h&m, you never know. it keeps really warm though so i’m happy. i know the snow looks great but believe me non stop freakishly cold winter is nothing to be jealous about! 😛

  2. Yes, I agree 100% as well. The sweater is awesome and looks lovely on you. I love the look of the dropped shoulder line. It’s very unique indeed. I just ♡ the jacket too. Nother only does it look warm, but I believe both the color of the jacket and the off-white/grayish color of the fur off sets it well. All in all, it’s a great cold-weather outfit that should be a closet staple and a classic for years to come that looks stunning on youツ

    • eliffilyos says

      that coat used to keep me so warm before, nothing is enough for montreal! 🙁 thank you so much heather!

  3. I’m so happy to be seeing flared jeans again. They really amp up that 70s vibe yet keeping it minimal!


    • eliffilyos says

      flared jeans are my all time absolute favorite & i’ll keep on wearing them even if they are out of style someday (makes my legs look tall & thin) 🙂

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