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You know why they say it’s hard to get out of your comfort zone? Because it’s freakin comfortable for god’s sake. While I agree for good things to happen to you, you do indeed have to get out of your comfort zone at one point; I have to disagree to the motto when it comes to dressing up. It’s no good when you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes and lately all I want is to be able to sleep in my daywear.

. Camel maxi wool coat Stylenanda (similar here & here)
. Gray wool ribbed sweater Beymen Club (similar here & here)
. Grey tapered track pants ASOS (similar here & here)
. White sneakers Adidas Stan Smith (get here or similar here & here)

The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley


    • eliffilyos says

      To be clear I never wear actual track pants to something other than working out :) these are “like” track pants, and in that case I’m totally behind every experiment! 😛

        • eliffilyos says

          No it’s really not that, I just feel too sloppy in track pants or yoga pants or stuff like that, for me it’s really about liking myself. Sometimes people like something on me so much but if I don’t feel comfortable, I just never wear it again. If you feel good in track pants, then track pants it is :)

          • O it’s not that I like track pants so much, it’s just that clothes need to be comfortable. Friends sometimes wear stuff that’s itchy, just because it looks good. Sometimes have to suffer for beauty, they say. But like you, if I don’t feel comfortable in something, I won’t wear it. So the trick is to buy beautiful stuff which is a joy to wear as well. :)

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