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Because Winter IS Cold

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With NYFW around the corner and blizzards everywhere, people started freaking out over what to wear (or how to look nice in general when the weather literally bites) and I think as someone living in one of the coldest cities in the world I have the right to give an advice or two. Don’t get me wrong; usually I’m bundled up in my down coat, face unrecognizable under a huge scarf and beanie & sliding on ice with my warmest winter boots but at least, as uncomfortable as it is, I know how to look (as) chic (as possible) if necessary.

First things first: anything faux is your enemy. I know the moral burden of wearing real fur and leather, but if you don’t want the real thing then just go with wool, mohair wool or down coats. Faux fur, faux leather or anything plastic will just make you feel colder.

Second: keeping in mind that you have to wear several layers, choose your outer coat an oversize shape or at least buy one size bigger. How it usually goes for me is; a layer of really thin cotton sweater underneath (you can also wear thermal sweaters but they don’t help when you are overwhelmed with heat) then a cashmere, mohair or wool sweater over that, topped with a padded, felt or leather jacket. On top of all these, wear your fur, wool, shearling or what have you coat.


When it comes to boots, don’t forget that sole is the most important part of the shoe that you should be concerned about; it has to be thick. One other thing to take note of is as warm as suede keeps, it’s not the best choice if you are walking on snow since they get wet really easily. Again, only real leather would protect your feet and if possible, go for shoes with plush, fur or shearling inside.


There’s not much to say about accessories but to always find a way to cover your ears, especially if you wear your hair up. In extreme colds, you may consider wearing two scarves: one to shield your face, the other to cover around your neck. For the best feel, don’t hesitate to splurge and buy cashmere scarves; it’s the only thing that touches your skin all day.


Now, I rounded up 65 of my all time favorite real winter streetstyle looks that can be perfect inspiration. There’s no need to feel depressed because you look bad or freeze your ass off as a compromise.


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  1. Love this post. Dressing inappropriately to climate feels just as wrong to me as dressing inappropriately for an event—and I don’t know why the blogging industry seems to promote standing in snow wearing a tank top and cardigan. I’m always looking for bloggers who live in colder climates and post outfits appropriate to them (one of the reasons I love your blog!) Great tips for staying warm xx


  2. I love these outfits! I don’t feel so bad for dressing frumpy but warm during the cold months. I don’t even live in a cold climate area but I’m constantly wanting to look stylish year round while staying warm. Thanks for the inspiration!

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