Loop It Like Beckham

victoria beckham

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my years of struggling with hair in general is that the easiest, EASIEST hair style is a loop ponytail. Not a regular pony, not twist updos, nothing that requires bobby pins or styling products. For the perfect loop ponytail all you need is an elastic hair tie, hair longer than 10inches and inspiration from fall 2015 runway shows, starting with Victoria Beckham.

victoria beckham2Victoria Beckham Fall 2015

eckhaus lattaEckhaus Latta Fall 2015

sunoSuno Fall 2015

image sources: the imprint, goutte de la lune, april and may, katherine is awesome, loveblair, pinterest


  1. I actually really love this trend right now because it takes up literally 5 seconds of your time and you come away looking effortlessly chic and just too cool for everybody else. I have been wearing my hair like this for the past few weeks for that reason haha!

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    • eliffilyos says

      I’ve been wearing my hair like this for the past 5 years at least!:)

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