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Outfits of New York

NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle14

I tried guys, I really tried. I did my best to narrow down the street style looks of New York fashion week, I wanted to limit them to something like 50 so that I can make the post “50 best looks of NYFW” but I couldn’t and you’ll understand why when you see the following 135 (yes, hundred and thirty five) looks. I couldn’t leave any of them out. In my defense though, there were around 500 so I still call this a triumph. (To check them all, head over to my pinterest.)

Trends to take note of: FURS (capitalized, it was that big), all grey, all neutrals, turtlenecks under everything, midi knit dresses paired with oversized coats and flats, long assymetrical sweaters over tapered pants and finally bare legs, if you dare. Final word; kudos to everyone who attended the shows looking this good in the middle of a polar vortex. Apparently love of fashion not only feeds you (SATC) but keeps you warm too.

NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle35 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle37NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle134 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle40NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle132 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle9

NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle41 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle42NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle129 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle43New York, NYFW FW 2015 day 7 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle10

NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle45 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle55NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle131 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle61 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle60

NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle65 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle75 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle93 NYFW FW2015 day 1, New York, Tamu McPherson NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle95 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle96 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle98

New York, NYFW FW 2015 day 4, Kelly Connor NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle99 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle100 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle103 New York, NYFW FW 2015 day 7 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle104 NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle105

New York, NYFW FW 2015 day 4, Brie Welch NYFW Fall 2015 Streetstyle133

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