Something In My Hair

scarf braid bun

The first time I ever tried embedding a scarf into my hair routine was when I was 9 with super short hair and all I wanted to do was to be able to braid my hair. The only way to make it happen was to tie a scarf around my head and use it as the third bundle of hair needed for a proper braid (I also did the towel over your head after a bath thing, comb as a huge hair pin thing, necklace as a tiara – the whole shoot). Which is why I’m particularly excited about this new hair trend; using scarves, ropes, beads or even rings to adorn and embellish regular braids and buns and now that have enough hair it should be less depressing than before.

rope braid

scarf braid crown

image sources: refinery29 12, lulu frost, the cut, byrdie, make up for life, allure, elle, buzzfeed, honor nyc, pinterest


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