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Hat Trick


It may come as a surprise that I bought my first ever “I’m going to wear this hat” hat and not a “this would look good on the wall till I get myself to put it on” hat last year when I went out shopping and it unexpectedly started raining, leaving my frizzy hair in an unspeakable shape, forcing me to finally consider a fedora. The first one was of course black, an all black simple fedora from Urban Outfitters. I loved it so much that the family started to grow rapidly, an heather grey felt hat from Lack of Color (see irl here) and a camel fedora from Asos (on me). Next in line? This Janessa Leone straw hat. Now I’m not calling it a trend because I have three but because I’ve been seeing hats everywhere, so if three’s a trend what exactly is a million?


hats21a hats16

hats35 hats36

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    • eliffilyos says

      Hahaha I too am a nervous hatter, still! Every time I wear a hat I feel the very presence and weight of something on my head but when I look at my reflection in a store or car window and see how cute it looks, I don’t care! I guess it takes some time getting used to it – try to find a hat you are the most comfortable with (size is key here, I thought all hats were uncomfortable till I found a one that fits perfectly) and go for it! 🙂

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