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Wes Gordon Resort 2016


I’m perfectly minimal in winter time, it comes naturally actually, black boots + skinny jeans + grey sweaters and if you’re lucky a simple coat is the ultimate uniform, there’s no room for play in the arctic. Which may also be why I’ve turned seasonal bohemian, meaning I lean more towards Chloe than Celine in hot hot summer days but I can’t give up simplicity either. Why did I tell this story? To explain why I particularly loved Wes Gordon Resort 2016; playful and simple, summery in colors but minimal in cuts, a soft and happy collection.

wes-gordon-001-1366 wes-gordon-002-1366

wes-gordon-005-1366 wes-gordon-008-1366

wes-gordon-010-1366 wes-gordon-011-1366

wes-gordon-014-1366 wes-gordon-017-1366

wes-gordon-019-1366 wes-gordon-020-1366

wes-gordon-022-1366 wes-gordon-023-1366 wes-gordon-025-1366