Braid Me Single

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I’ve found that when you are frustrated with your hair because of humidity, dirt or anything else and don’t want to tie up your locks entirely or cover them up with a scarf, the key is to find the piece that annoys you the most (for me it’s usually the hair framing my face on the right hand side) and braid it, tie it back  et voila – you went from bad hair day to a wedding worthy do. Add a swirling bun or hair rings to fancy it up even more, a top bun or a non-perfect asymmetrical finish for a more casual look.

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image sources: zsa zsa bellagio, free people, spoiltblog, the gifts of life, refinery29, bettys, remain simple, what anna loves, let it be, le fashion, pinterest


  1. I need to get better at braiding! I find I am always good at braiding one side of my head but I am horrendous with the other side!! I loveee the one with the braid in the ponytail, it looks like something I could do!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

    • eliffilyos says

      Hahaha I am exactly like that but every now and then I come up with an awesome braid (most of the time happens when I’m at home, of course)

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