Walls Come Undone

undone walls30

I always have the tendency to love stuff that is imperfect, perfect symmetry or color coordination is too boring for me. Meticulously tidied rooms, all white houses, same type of frames up on the walls perfectly aligned, books on shelves, every furniture exactly standing where it’s supposed to = no creativity & no fun. That’s exactly why I find undone walls all the more charming, so much that I’m trying to figure out a way to “fake” an undone wall – sandpaper, random brushstrokes, spread the mint paint over existing white walls with my hands? I don’t know and I’m afraid I can never achieve the same authentic look – but at least I have a natural exposed brick in my home so I’m good.

Åhlens Magasine

undone walls24

undone walls39

undone walls34

undone walls31

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    • eliffilyos says

      Me too! Everyone is always looking for renovated houses just to make sure that everything is “new” and “working”, I’m exactly the opposite! Sure I don’t want to live in ruins but that lived-in feel is a must 🙂

  1. Dawne Tapp says

    “…love stuff that ‘is’ perfect.”

  2. This is amazing, I find this style so rustic and beautiful. There certainly is an art to design like this I wish I had the magic touch! Thank you for sharing =)

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