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It’s always around this time of summer when I rediscover the wonder that is linen: pants, blazers, shorts, tablecloths, duvet covers, bed sheets – you name it and I have it. No other fabric gives that carefree, country vibe to a home or an outfit like linen does and if you can overlook the ironing issue (some things are meant to be wrinkly in life) it’ll be your favorite too. The only downside is you are going to hate anything else that aren’t linen or cotton after that point. Worth the risk.

. Black long sleeve top Oysho (similar here & here)
. Pink linen shorts Vintage (similar here & here)
. Cream linen blazer Vintage (similar here & here)
. Sneakers Adidas Superstar (or get it here & here)
. Black leather ps11 mini bag Proenza Schouler (or get it here & here)

The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley


    • eliffilyos says

      Thank you so much for following me, hope you’ll like my future posts as well 🙂

  1. That blazer is really nice. I never knew how to style linen but this looks so effortless I think I many give it a go. Great post.

  2. Malu says

    I am loving this whole look! I love that you paired it with adidas instead of heels. Although, that can be another option for a night look. I also agree that linen is always great if you are feeling a bit lazy because the material is very easy going. Great job!

    • eliffilyos says

      Thank you!! Actually almost 3 years ago I was wearing the same outfit with a pair of white heels, because I’m short I thought I should wear heels as much as possible, but lately I’m all about flats and comfort. You’re right though, it can also be a casual ‘night’ outfit with heels.

      • Malu says

        Flats are great though so your outfit still looked as amazing as it would in heels. It really is all about comfort because depending on the heel I can only last in them for a few hours before my feet break lol. Plus this outfit is perfect with the adidas

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