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The Fashion Medley

Tailors around the world should fly the flag at half-staff every time I get my hands on a pair of scissors and customize something for myself; case in point this new sweater (used to be) dress. I actually bought it with loads of love in hopes of achieving the winter version of dress over pants look, which I’m actually pretty good at if being given the right garments, but this one just didn’t feel right. So yes, instead of returning it and buying something else like a normal person, I cut it (a heavily knitted sweater, right in the middle, with a pair of freaking scissors) and turned it into an asymmetrical hem sweater with a long back. Don’t judge me.

. Camel jacket H&M (similar here & here)
. White cropped pants Oak+Fort (similar here & here)
. Grey speckled sweater (cut cross-ways) Zara (similar here & here)
. Black patent booties Zara (similar here & here)
. Black leather crossbody bag Céline Trio

The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley

The Fashion Medley

The Fashion Medley


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