A Minimal Christmas

minimal christmas4

Christmas has always been the most special holiday for me, and unlike you, I do not have a valid reason for it. We don’t celebrate Christmas in Turkey so it doesn’t have any sentimental feeling for us; however we do put up Christmas decorations, trees, lights etc not for Christmas but for new year’s day (anyone wondering why Turkey is always referred to as the bridge between east and west, here goes your answer). So Christmas decorations along with New Year’s celebrations, gifts, lights and snow have always been my favorite spectacle of the year which is why every single year I overloaded on ornaments, just to make sure everyone who so much as passed by our door knew what we were up to.

Now that I have my own (tiny and cozy) home with no space to put an extra candle let alone a huge tree, I started dialing down. Decals or tapestries instead of trees, clear firefly lights and just one or two simple ornaments. A clean, creative and modern Christmas ahead.

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    • I love the minimalist decor ideas you share, they are great for a single person’s flat where there is no need to have huge christmas trees suitable for families. I will try some of these myself thank for your an amazing post.

      • eliffilyos says

        exactly! perfect for small houses or single people who still want to keep the Christmas spirit alive 🙂 glad you liked the ideas!

    • eliffilyos says

      Me too! Well not always, I’m more eclectic but for this minimal is definitely perfect

  1. I would have never thought that a minimal look for Christmas would look as good as it does! I am obsessing over all of these ideas, and I actually like the fact that most of these photos don’t include real trees in them. It was creative that some used wood cutouts and even just pictures. The best ideas for decorating. Im going to have to change it up this season! These are all great photos!

    • eliffilyos says

      my favorites are also the ones involving unreal trees! glad you liked the ideas 🙂

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