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Round It Goes

Round Handle Bags

This might be the most comeback comeback trend since the shoulder pad invasion back in 2010, and this time it doesn’t look like we’re going to regret it in a year or so. The last round handle bag I saw was either a beach bag or my grandmother’s money purse, but they sure as hell weren’t as cool as these new wave metal handle ones. Carrying a non-cross body bag is as uncomfortable as carrying another person on my shoulders so I prefer the long strap ones that has the metal handle as detail + handle option but if you have faith in your hands more than I do, here are the most beautiful round handle bags out there to buy.

Round Handle Bags

Stella McCartney Fall 2016

 Round Handle Bags Round Handle Bags Round Handle Bags

Round Handle Bags Round Handle Bags Round Handle Bags Round Handle BagsRound Handle Bags

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  1. They have something to them that reminds me of (piercing-) jewelry, beautiful! but i probably won’t buy one because, as you said, hands!

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