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Dads Know Best

Dad Sneakers

You remember all those times your dad made a joke about how stylish and awesome he is and you just sat there feeling (openly) embarrassed about his super high waisted jeans and ugly, chunky but supposedly comfortable sneakers?

Well folks, once again it’s established that fathers know what’s best because those ugly, chunky sneakers are the absolute shoe hits of the season. And while it took me some time to absorb and hop on board, I’m behind any trend that will allow me to wear sneakers and still be deemed fashionable (last year, during a dark period where sneakers are announced as “out” indefinitely, I almost had a heart attack).

Besides, these breed of trainers are perfect to tone down feminine looks such as long frilly dresses or mini skirts – which helps me tremendously on a daily basis. My personal favorite is the ACNE Studios Manhattan (if you are willing to splurge), but Nike Air Max 95 or New Balance 624 would do just fine. Thank you dads for never giving up on your shoes, now it’s time for me to get some photos taken to embarrass my future child.

Dad Sneakers Dad Sneakers Dad Sneakers

Dad Sneakers Dad Sneakers Dad Sneakers

Dad Sneakers Dad Sneakers

image sources: the impression, vogue jp, whowhatwear




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