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One Lingerie Fits All

Chantelle x The Fashion MedleyWhen it comes to lingerie, I’m neither a connoisseur nor an enthusiast. Lingerie to me has only one purpose and it is to provide me comfort and shape my body without pinching, hurting, squeezing or lifting any part of it. Laces, chiffons, push ups, modern day corsets, superfluous straps, bows or wires are not my friend. Always trying to figure out my bra size (which is somehow different for every brand, wasn’t it supposed to be a size that works internationally?) or worrying if my bum will fit the panties are also not my favorite daytime activities.

My lingerie has to be elastic, invisible, extra comfortable and flattering at all times. But even when I’m writing these lines I realized that I’m asking for a lot, and there aren’t a lot of options out there that provide for these very basic and essential needs. Thankfully I am just recently introduced to Soft Stretch: the seamless, one size fits all, ultra comfortable and minimal line from my favorite French lingerie brand Chantelle. Safe to say I won’t wear anything else ever again.

I’m wearing the Soft Stretch One Size Smooth Crop Top, Soft Stretch Seamless Full Brief and Soft Stretch One Size Smooth Tank Top in this post.

You can shop the pieces by finding the nearest location here.

Chantelle x The Fashion Medley Chantelle x The Fashion Medley Chantelle x The Fashion MedleyChantelle x The Fashion Medley Chantelle x The Fashion Medley

This post is created in partnership with Chantelle.


    • eliffilyos says

      Thank you so much and yes, they are insanely comfortable

    • eliffilyos says

      Yeah I mean I have a couple of lace bralettes but daily, I’m all about cottons and seamless briefs and sports bras 😀

  1. Really like this lingerie cause it seems so comfortable and FINALLY simple. Personally I’m very tired of lace and bows and pearls and stuff like that in lingerie. I want a bra and a slip doing their job, nothing more! I wear lace, bows and pearls in “external” outfit. Thanks for your post.

  2. Love the crop top and the brief set you are wearing. They are exactly how I like to chill and sleep in bed. I love lace but I am beginning to get tired of them. I always change it something more comfortable, cotton to be precise at night.

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