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The Fashion Medley

I’ll Be Your Minnie

I just recently realized, thanks to a comment on Instagram, why I love these shoes so much even though they look remarkably weird and no, it’s not because it’s the “shoe of the season”. It looks exactly like the pair Minnie Mouse wears or the most standard pair of Barbie shoes of which you kept losing one pair constantly, with a midi heel. So when I wear these it’s not just about comfort and trend, I’m also at the happiest place on earth in my mind. . Ivory silk blazer Vintage (similar here & here) . White button down cami Asos (similar here & here) . Boyfriend jeans Zara (similar here & here) . Grey suede midi heel pumps COS (similar here & here)


AltewaiSaome S/S 2016

AltewaiSaome is no stranger to TFM, I’ve featured them 3 times before and first one was back in 2011 when it was just an emerging brand with futuristic designs that were somehow appealing to me, and boy have times changed for good, not only for them but for my taste as well. This is by far their most laid back, clean and fluid collection with no unnecessary adornment or shape play, an error most minimalist designers fall into to have an edge, but rather shining out with whimsical little rope details complementing the designs. Kudos to the best collection of Stockholm Fashion Week Spring 2016.

Stockholm Fashion Week Spring 2016 Streetstyle 15

Need For Swede

Stockholm has been on top of my bucket-travel-list for almost 6 years now and honestly, besides people who’ve been there telling me it’s an amazing place and that I would absolutely LOVE it, I don’t know a lot about the city other than the fact it has a crazy good fashion scene. It was just about a couple of brands like Acne and the street style all representing the Scandinavian minimalism before but now the game is seriously strong here. I know when I’m there I’ll feel just as bad about myself as I do looking through the photos of beautiful, beautiful show goers of Stockholm Fashion Week, but I’ll do it anyway. Full Swede inspiration ahead!

The Fashion Medley

Trail Blazer

One of the few perks of not being a native English speaker is the fun you have with phrases you hear the first time in your life and when you simply can’t guess the meaning because it means a whole other thing than the individual words forming that phrase. When I first heard the team name Portland Trail Blazers years ago I instantly liked them, not because of any particular player or the team aura but simply because they have the word “blazer” in their name. I think a blazer is strong enough a word to carry a whole team name, even without the “trail” first, and it’s strong enough a garment to be worn alone and make the outfit. . Mint silk blazer H&M (similar here & here) . White cotton cropped pants Oak+Fort (similar here & here) . White leather slides Asos (similar here & here) . White clutch with ring detail Zara (similar here & here)


Filippa K S/S 2016

When Acne became a worldwide famous brand and moved the shows to Paris – hence abandoning their famous Scandinavian minimalism for a more contemporary and maximal style approach – there was a hole that was waiting to be filled. A hole that is now being occupied by Filippa K, whenever I look at their collections I always see good old Acne’s basic statement pieces; perfect leather jackets, impeccably tailored trousers, silk dresses, cotton t-shirts, proportion play, layering, androgen style – the whole package. I still love the new Acne to death but it’s so nice to still have an old Acne too.