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The Fashion Medley

NYE On The Go

New Year’s Eve is usually a grueling time for me; the pressure to have fun is so overwhelming that we end up either spending a lot of money for overpriced dinners and surge Ubers or we stay at home and I can’t get in the spirit at all that I end up getting really bored. We did both, we spent it in Turkey, spent it here in Montreal, we did it all – I can’t remember the last time I had a decent NYE celebration. Which is why this year we decided that we’ll either splurge and go out with friends to somewhere we know we’ll have fun or stay at home like it’s any other day, just dinner and movies – no expectations (possibly wearing this sweater dress, or something super cozy like this sweater). We were very much set on the latter, until we had it enough with this depressing winter and decided to head to Toronto to spend a fancy night with friends. This change of plans meant coming up with a …


Best of Shopbop Boxing Day Sale

Get ready to end the old year (and start the new one) with a bang because Shopbop‘s 3 day only surprise sale has just started today! Until December 28th, you can take additional 25% off sale items with code “JOY25“ Here are some of the AH-MAZING stuff already on sale on Shopbop, so enjoy them for almost 75% off now. Happy shopping!


Etsy Giveaway & Holiday Picks

2017 was a crazy year for me; we moved to a new house, my husband started his new job cementing our residency in Montreal, I hit over 100k on Instagram, I went to Iceland and saw Northern Lights with my own eyes, celebrated new marriages and little babies of dear friends AND I became one of the ambassadors of Etsy Canada which believe it or not, was one of the biggest highlights of my year. Etsy has always been my biggest obsession, where I found all my vintage and handmade clothes and furniture which helped me build my own unique style over almost a decade. I’ve converted many people to Etsyism and this year I took that mission to a more official and Canada-centered level. I’ve discovered so many amazing shops and their even more amazing owners. Now Etsy is not only the place I shop at but also a place I have friends at, it’s a tight community of people creating & appreciating unique and creative goods. After a wonderful year of working with …


Favorite Etsy Vintage Shops

I don’t remember the first time I discovered Etsy or the first time I started wearing vintage, but I’m guessing I’ve been a fan since my early university days. I was living in Turkey and it was hard to get everything shipped there but I still couldn’t stop myself from spending hours and hours on Etsy just looking for new shops and unique pieces. It was a whole new world to me and still to this day, the beauty of vintage never ceases to amaze me. To know that you are not harming the environment while shopping, on top of the feeling of owning a one of a kind item is unparalleled. Anyone can spend tons of money and go to a store to buy season’s hit pieces but only people with a true eye for style can know how to pick quality vintage pieces. Though with the expanding universe that is the internet, it’s getting harder and harder to narrow down the best stores and spend the time to pick the worthy pieces. I …