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The Fashion Medley

The Sequel

A couple of days ago, when I said that I found a formula to survive summer and that I’m basically wearing the same thing everyday just with different fabrics and colors, I meant it. I’m so into this cropped pant + cropped top + flat sandal thing that it just keeps coming to me. I’m thinking about throwing a boyfriend jean somewhere in there but it’s just too freakin hot for that right now. If I can find the perfect white linen tapered pants (I’ve been looking for 5 years, doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen) everything is going to evolve around it. Until then, these Zara pants will do. . White knotted top Topshop (similar here & here) . Khaki cropped trousers Zara Studio (similar here & here) . Ivory fringe Jack slides Tibi (similar here & here)

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Nowhere Under The Sun

On today’s topic of what might be the most first world problem ever, I’d like to talk about tanning and challenges it comes with. Aside from the UV protection and cancer risk (which is a pretty big deal already) there are 4 main struggles when it comes to tanning: 1) you are not in a place, or a job that allows you to go tanning naturally 2) you are so pale that you can’t tan even if you want to 3) maintaining that tan is almost impossible 4) tan lines, moreover the lengths you go to avoid them and unless you are tanning on a nude beach, getting them no matter what. There is one single solution to all of the problems above, including the cancer risk, and it’s self tanning. I tried going to the solarium the past 3 years (it started before my wedding when I needed to get a little color, fast) and even though it was just for 2-3 sessions, I felt the extreme guilt of putting my body at such …

The Fashion Medley

The Formula

I recently discovered the secret formula to conquer the world: wear a pair of comfortable pants, a cropped top and flat sandals – you’ll feel so good that you’d think you can do anything. I’ve been making different variations of this look for the past couple of weeks (you’ll see) and things don’t seem like they’re going to change anytime soon. PS: as you can see you don’t need a flat and only flat stomach and abs to wear crop tops, don’t believe anyone who tells you that. . Blue & white striped cropped top Zara (similar here & here) . Black tapered pants Zara (similar here & here) . Black slingback sandals ALDO (similar here & here)

Death in Paris SS15 16

Death in Paris SS15

Death in Paris Store is a lifestyle brand, which was founded in 2013 as an extension of its existing graphic design studio, that focuses on designing modern, structural and effortless accessories. What I like the most are the whimsical and subtle details on everyday objects such as the transparent stripe on the traditional shopper or the little envelope on the messenger bags – neither overplayed nor bland designs. And the campaign shots.