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Fashion Fest Montreal

Attention, attention! Time has finally come for me to sell almost half of my wardrobe for absolutely ridiculous prices along with other Montreal bloggers and brands at Fashion Fest Montreal tomorrow, Saturday April 25th, at Julia’s Shop The 26th Look showroom in downtown Montreal. I don’t know about everyone else but I will be selling a serious amount of vintage and second hand clothing, shoes and accessories. Stop by, grab a bargain, have some drinks and have fun with us! Other not to be missed fashion events this weekend: Lamarque warehouse sale (leather everryything up to %80 off, yes) and Old Wig vintage sale – look for TOKEN MTL!


Call It Spring, Call It Summer

What do you call a weather that’s warm enough for summer sandals but still chilly to make you want to grab a light jacket as you leave? It’s called spring. It’s called heaven music. So there literally couldn’t have been a better time for this Call It Spring collab as I think this outfit just raced to the top of my all time favorite outfits list. I chose Qerinna without hesitation because a playfully patterned strappy sandal is the easiest pair in a closet to dress up and down, which is exactly what I need being the tinselly tomboy I am. . Beige wide cut twill jacket H&M (similar here & here) . White cotton t-shirt Spikes & Arrow . Black leather pants Vintage (similar here & here) . Black & white high heel sandals Call It Spring . Orange tote bag Call It Spring


Bathroom Flora

Had I had a bathroom that has access to even the tiniest bit of sunlight it would have been an indoor amazon forest; string of pearls and ivies hanging over the shadow head, boston fern on the floor and any kind of small potted plant on the flush box. The more the merrier. I don’t know why it’s not more common to have plants in the bathroom, I’m thinking lack of direct sunlight and the constant humidity are the main reasons but let’s not forget, there’s a plant suitable for every condition. Now I have a small artificial one and it changes the whole aura of the bathroom, no matter the size and style. If you don’t have one already here are some beautiful, inspirational bathrooms that will make you want to run to the florist (or IKEA) and load up on greens.

The Fashion Medley

Sliding Into Summer

All winter long I waited to wear this dress, but the outfit I had in mind included a coat and a pair of boots. See Canadian winter deaden your dreams so much that you can’t even fantasize about a proper spring look, but then one day it becomes so hot that you have no other option but to wrap that coat around your waist and trade your chunky, ugly boots for the loveliest of slides.  Yes, your pale legs may still blind people but that’s how you slowly slide into summer; no shame no game. . Nude knit midi dress with front slit ASOS (similar here & here) . Dark gray waterfall duster (worn around the waist) Vintage (similar here & here) . Black leather slides Zara (similar here, here & here) . Black fedora Urban Outfitters (similar here) . Metal round sunglasses RayBan (or get it here)


Best of Bridal Spring 2016

I’m going to be honest with you guys, this bridal fashion week thing is still new to me (it’s been just a few seasons since I’ve realized something like this existed) so I don’t even know if it’s over yet. But there’s a handful of looks that I absolutely love already so I figured it’s time to make the post. I know, being married, I have no business in spending so much time over wedding gowns and bridal trends but for the sake of the job, I do. Not that I still dream about how I’d look in each of these dresses, I’m doing this only for you. Just some trends to note; crop top & skirt combo is still going strong – just with a little more feminine detailing, long sleeved wedding gowns are too many to be missed even though it’s the spring season so I’m sensing a trend there, all kinds of bohemian gowns with Ellery like huge frills and flapper details are now to be accepted and embraced by even not …